Property details

As a buyer you will either find a property via our office, on this easy to follow website or on one of our portal partner property websites, or through our email updates for registered buyers. If you have found the property on a portal site, please make sure that you are well acquainted with the property details on our site. We provide professional photography and full descriptions and by request floor plans and virtual tours, as opposed to the sometimes limited range of information elsewhere.

Calculate your finances

Before you do anything, you must speak to one of our fully qualified mortgage brokers who will find you the cheapest and most appropriated arrangement for your circumstances and lifestyle. Sandra Taylor can recommend an advisor who can offer this service.

Instruct a Solicitor

It is important to have a solicitor in place who is based within easy reach and knows your target area. You should choose a solicitor with experience in property conveyancing. If you would like, Sandra Taylor would be more than happy to recommend one to you.

Arrange a viewing

To arrange a viewing, simply call or email us with the property you wish to view

The viewing

Please make sure that if you have any problems in making your viewing that you give us as much notice as possible. After the viewing we will call you to request feedback which we pass on to the vendor.

Making an offer

If you like the property and wish to make an offer, please ring the office as soon as possible. Please do not make an offer directly to the vendor.

Offer acceptance

On acceptance of your offer we ask you to supply us with any outstanding information including proof of finances and confirmation of the sale of your own property. Terms of the agreed sale are then drafted by us - this is called the sales memorandum.


Your lender will usually arrange a survey as one of the conditions of the mortgage, so contact them. Once the survey has been done, your lender should approve or reject the mortgage offer within 3-10 days. If you are a fully cash buyer, you can arrange for your own survey to be done by a Chartered Surveyor. See the RICS website ( or Sandra Taylor can suggest a local surveyor.


Currently the solicitor will respond to enquiries raised within the 'Sellers Pack' which comprises: contract, vendor's questionnaire form, fixtures and fittings form, planning consent, buildings regulations, guarantees etc. When the solicitor is satisfied with the purchase, a report is sent to you.

Local Authority Search

Instruct your solicitor to carry out the local authority search. This is submitted to the local council and establishes any current planning or other local issues.

Exchange of Contracts

Once the contract is ready to sign you will be required to put down a deposit, usually 10% of the purchase price(this is not always the case but you will be advised by the solicitor of the full process). This will be handled by your solicitor, as will the setting of a completion date. Upon completion you have to pay the stamp duty.


This occurs a short time after the exchange of contracts. Any outstanding money will be paid by your solicitor to the vendor's solicitor. Congratulations on moving into your new home!


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